William (Bill) Conlon, PhD

Founder and President
Pintail Power LLC

Dr. Bill Conlon is the founder and President of Pintail Power LLC, to integrate thermal energy storage with thermal power generation to provide large-scale, long-duration energy storage while improving the fuel efficiency of dispatchable generation.  As an engineer, manager, and executive, Bill has  successfully managed innovation and commercialization of utility-scale power systems.  His technical expertise and multi-disciplinary background has been key to more than two dozen inventions related to steam-injected gas turbines, water treatment by directional freeze crystallization, solar thermal power, and hybrid energy storage systems using both hot and cold storage media.  Bill received three degrees from RPI, including a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering & Science, and is licensed in California as a Professional Engineer.  He is a senior member of IEEE, a member of ASME, AAAS, and Sigma Xi, and serves on the ASME PTC-53 committee for Energy Storage Systems.

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