Jay Marhoefer, JD

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Intelligent Generation LLC

Jay Marhoefer is the CEO and inventor of Intelligent Generation, which he co-founded in 2009. He is a frequent speaker at renewable energy and energy storage conferences, including ESA, SPI and the Battery Show.  His expertise spans three careers: energy, information technology and law. Jay is the author of three patents related to distributed energy networks and the value stack.  His experience includes consulting to some of the largest municipal and investor-owned utilities in the US, advocating for economically compelling solutions to climate change, and developing intelligent algorithms to optimize distributed energy resources within a value stack. During his time as IG's CEO, Intelligent Generation has pioneered novel solutions like municipal behind-the-meter storage, use of batteries for both slow and fast frequency regulation, and combining a network of solar plus storage projects to provide multiple benefits simultaneously.  

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