Caleb J. Waugh

Business Analytics Lead - Energy Storage
Lockheed Martin Energy

Caleb Waugh leads business analytics at Lockheed Martin Advanced Energy Storage where he oversees the design and implementation of high-fidelity integrated techno-economic modeling frameworks for commercial and industrial, wholesale market and microgrid applications. His focus includes innovative new business models for energy storage for Lockheed Martin's lithium ion and flow battery products. 

Prior to energy storage, Caleb worked in Lockheed Martin’s CTO’s office identifying and developing early-stage high potential technologies to grow the business in adjacent commercial markets. His portfolio focused on energy and sustainability with projects in grid-scale renewable energy, advanced nuclear waste treatment and battery health monitoring.

Caleb holds dual graduate degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Nuclear Physics and Energy Economics, Finance and Policy. Prior to MIT, Caleb completed bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and philosophy.

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