Aidan Tuohy, Ph.D.

Senior Project Manager

Dr. Tuohy is a Senior Project Manager in the Grid Operations and Planning group at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). He has worked with EPRI since October 2010, and leads their research program on bulk system integration of variable generation. His focus at EPRI is on studies and R&D projects related to the planning and operation of power systems with large amounts of wind and/or solar generation. He has done a significant amount of work in the area of flexibility requirements and the value of flexibility for systems with high variable generation penetration. This includes analyzing and valuing existing and new sources of flexibility such as energy storage and demand response, as well as renewable forecasting and operational methods to minimize the impacts of renewables. Prior to joining EPRI, Dr. Tuohy was a a consultant to the International Energy Agency's Grid Integration of Variable Renewables (GIVAR) project, and consulted to various parts of the Irish electricity industry. He received his PhD degree from University College Dublin, Ireland in 2009, on the topic of operating carbon constrained power systems. He is an active member of IEEE, CIGRE and IEC, and chairs the System Operations Working Group at the Utility Variable Generation Integration Group.

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