Systematic Framework for Analyzing Energy Storage as a Non-Wires Alternative

Energy storage systems can simultaneously be leveraged for various distribution and bulk system use cases. In distribution use cases, storage is leveraged as a non-wires alternative to address a distribution need, such as deferring capacity investments, improving power quality, improving reliability, etc. Many distribution use cases do not require constant (or even frequent) storage operation and as a result, storage would be often idling or under-utilized. Therefore, storage can be used for non-distribution use cases that can be related to transmission system or markets. The joint use of storage for both distribution and non-distribution use cases is also referred to as stack benefit operation. Stack benefit operation may provide considerably additional economic value compared to storage that is used only for distribution use cases. 

This presentation will discuss the on-going effort by EPRI to develop a systematic practical analysis framework to answer these and other related questions. The framework is demonstrated on two use case feeders, one from Southern California Edison and other from Hydro One. These two feeders have different characteristics and different energy storage distribution and bulk system use cases. This session will also address some of the related challenges and practical considerations.