Project Review of a 1.1 MW Solar Plus Storage Commercial Installation

We will introduce this presentation by discussing the evaluation process of the FJM facility, the sizing determination and modeling of the proposed solar plus storage system and the financial analysis with projected returns for the life of the project. The next part of this presentation will be to review how this project contracted with FJM for both the construction of the project and the long-term energy management services. We will also discuss the Scope of Work for both the solar PV and the energy storage segments of the project and how NSE and AMS work together to create a seamless execution of the project construction. Finally, we will cover lessons learned. What worked and what did not when we presented our modeling to FJM. How much did we have to educate the client regarding energy usage, solar PV and energy storage. The presentation will discuss the risk and challenges of multiple company’s coordination requirements to minimize design and installation challenges.