Energy Storage STUDIO Conference

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STUDIO: Storage Technology, Uses, Deployment, Integration, and Operations.

The Energy Storage Association's (ESA) Energy Storage STUDIO Conference covers the advancement and integration of technology to support electric service. Unlike other conferences, STUDIO brings together utilities, technology developers, and other stakeholders for ...

  • expert technical study,
  • peer-to-peer education,
  • an exchange of real world solutions,
  • objective-minded learning,
  • and an intimate, non-sales pressure environment

As an attendee, you will convene  with technology leaders and come away with the knowledge necessary to accelerate energy storage solutions that support a clean, resilient, safe, and affordable grid.

At this year’s conference … Part of #EnergyStorageWeek in Ohio ...
  • Examine modeling and analysis of energy storage value and grid impacts
  • Gain unique perspectives from customer-sited deployment and field experience
  • Explore innovative approaches to utility integration
  • Investigate advancements in energy storage system technologies

STUDIO is a collaboration between the Energy Storage Association (ESA) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). ESA’s mission is to promote the adoption of competitive and reliable energy storage systems for electric service. EPRI’s mission is to bring together scientists, engineers, and other industry stakeholders to help address challenges related to electricity.